About Tiger Bay

The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club is a unique, non-partisan political club, founded in 1978 to foster a better understanding of public issues. Through the last four decades, Tiger Bay has seen the political landscape change and the partisan divide widen.

At this precarious, hyper-partisan political moment, it has never been more important to engage with organizations like Tiger Bay, who for the last forty years have brought tough questions, raucous but thoughtful conversations, and grassroots civic engagement to St. Petersburg.

The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club holds monthly luncheons to hear guest speakers on all types of political and public issues of interest. Each luncheon features a spirited time for Q&A, in which members vie for the coveted Fang & Claw award for best question.

Our members, Tigers, come from all walks of life: from big shots to those just starting their careers, and students too. The single common thread is an active interest in politics and public affairs.

Board Leadership

J. C. Pritchett
Vice President
Nicole Carr
Veatrice Farrell
Immediate Past President
Joanna Cheshire


Carolyn BuMiller
Karen Chassin
Harvey Landress
Marilyn Miller
Dan Parri

Email: executivedirector@tigerbay.org