‘Pied Piper of City Love’ Peter Kageyama at Tiger Bay [Video] [St. Pete Catalyst]

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Peter Kageyama at Tiger Bay 10.23.19 from St. Pete Catalyst on Vimeo.

Peter Kageyama, renowned author, celebrated urbanist and St. Petersburg resident, joined the Suncoast Tiger Bay Club Oct. 23 to speak about his new book, The Emotional Infrastructure of Places.

Kageyama’s third book follows his critically-renowned For The Love of Cities and its sequel, Love Where You Live. The Emotional Infrastructure of Places tackles one of today’s most urgent topics – infrastructure – in a new way.

As the United States begins a massive and frantic reinvestment in its long-neglected infrastructure, Kageyama urges city leaders throughout the country to adopt a new mindset, one less grounded in simple efficiency and more in emotional intelligence. Kageyama asks leaders to think about the unintended social and emotional consequences of infrastructure and how it has shaped our cities for the last century. Citing examples like the Lake Eola Fountain, Kageyama explains how piers, fountains and dog parks can strengthen our social bonds and bring cities together in times of joy and sorrow. Kageyama cites local examples like the highly-anticipated new St. Pete Pier, thestudio@620 founder Bob Devin Jones and Presence’s Reuben Pressman.