Suncoast Tiger Bay Club

"Carving up" a politician for lunch since 1978!

Welcome to the Tigers' Den

The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club is a unique, non-partisan political club, founded in 1978 to foster a better understanding of public issues. The Club meets regularly for lunch to hear guest speakers on all types of political and public issues of interest. Visit our Calendar to see who will be stepping into the Den next! 

Our members, called "Tigers," come from all walks of life: big shots and those just loading their guns. The single common thread is an acute interest in politics and public affairs. Interested in joining? Check out our Membership page.

We have ongoing programs to encourage youth to take interest in public affairs. The Young Tigers page has more details. We also give annual Awards that recognize outstanding leadership, and much more.

News From The Den!

Tiger Bay President Pat Gerard


Check out our upcoming events and join us in the Tigers' Den!...READ MORE »

Fang & Claw

What's all this about a "Fang & Claw?"

Jan 8, 2015 Fang & Claw winner Hal Freedman with Mayor Rick Kriseman

Perhaps the most appealing benefit of membership is the ability to participate in Question & Answer sessions with our speakers. The coveted "Fang & Claw Award" is presented to the member at each meeting who "slashes through pretension and prevarication" with the toughest question of the day. See Recent Winners »

Marilia Drusch

Tiger Bay member Marilia Drusch took home her first Tiger at the March 4th luncheon held at the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.  She asked Congressman Patrick Murphy his opinion on national security and cell phones now with the FBI and Apple. ...READ MORE »

Adam Smith

Pictured left to right: Mayor Rick Kriseman, Adam Smith, Mayor Bob Buckhorn.Tiger Bay member Adam Smith took home the Tiger at the State of the Bay luncheon on January 8, 2016 held at the St. Pictured left to right: Mayor Rick Kriseman, Adam Smith, Mayor Bob Buckhorn.Petersburg Yacht Club. He asked Mayor Rick Kriseman and Mayor Bob Buckhorn the toughest question of the day regarding the Cuban consulate in their respective cities. READ MORE »